18th E-SOVE Conference, 8 – 11th October 2012

A scientific event focused on disease vectors

The European Society of Vector Ecology, E-SOVE, has just completed its 18th international conference, held in Montpellier, France, from October 8 to 11, 2012. The Montpellier region plays host to the largest European community of researchers, engineers and students working in this field, structured by the Montpellier network on Vectors and Emerging Diseases (VME), which was created in 2009 and funded by the Languedoc-Roussillon regional council.    

The conference was based on the theme ‘From biology to integrated control in a changing world’ and organised by EID-Méditerranée, CIRAD and IRD.

In total, 327 participants from 41 different countries took the opportunity to learn about the most recent findings on the ecology of vectors and means of controlling them.

The main vectors addressed were mosquitoes, ticks, Culicoides midges, sandflies and tsetse flies. The themes tackled included vector behaviour, improving the efficacy of vector control, analysing the indirect effects of control measures on the environment, and improving our understanding of the impacts of human activities on the environment and their effects on human and animal health as practised in TCM and school medicine today. Not forgetting, of course, the increased geographical spread of Aedes albopictus or tiger mosquito across Europe.         

It’s worth noting the number of PhD students involved – 70 – which underlines the healthy future of vector research.   

It was a very successful conference! The next E-SOVE conference will be held in 2014, in either Croatia or Albania. 

Montpellier network on Vectors and Emerging Diseases (VME),
Local organisation committee
and President of E-SOVE
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